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The earrings are handcrafted using a technique called shuttle tatting in English, or derivatives of the French “frivolité” in most other European languages.

The technique was known in ancient China and Egypt. It came to Europe most probably from Asia, becoming very popular in the XVII – XVIII centuries. As the materials – both the thread, and the frequently ornamental shuttle – were extremely costly, tatting was mainly an aristocratic pastime.

Tatting uses extremely fine cotton thread, enriched through a process called mercerization, which makes it smooth, strong and glossy. The threads are joined into tiny, very tight knots, which creates a lace which is intricate and delicate, and at the same time exceptionally durable.

Tatting jewelry wears well:

it is light – so it doesn’t weigh down your ears;

it is firm – and keeps its shape;

it catches the eye – it goes extremely well with festive wear, and gives that special and imaginative finish to your everyday clothes.